Float Range

We care about your horse as much as you do

Let your horse travel in style

They deserve to

Whether it's transporting your horses to events and shows or just around the corner a safe and comfortable environment is important to ensure they do not arrive stressed. Our float range is versatile and extensive. That is why we have selected an Elite range of Floats that we are happy to transport our beloved horses.

If you love your horses as much as we do then you will agree that they need to travel, in comfort, just like we do.

No matter how long the journey may be.

Elite Floats Australia Float Range
Elite Floats Australia

Our HSL Float Range

2HSL Standard


2HSL Extended with Storage


2HSL Extended Standard


2HSL Extended Luxury


Two, Three, Four Horse Goosneck

from $41,800

Our HAL Float Range

2HAL Standard


2HAL Widebody Extended


3HAL Elite


2HAL Widebody Luxury Extended


3HAL Luxury


2HAL Camper


2HAL Elite Budget


2HAL Warmblood Special


2-3 HAL Elite Square Nose Camper

from $43,990

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